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About Tiny Digital

Why is Tiny Digital the best choice for you?

We help businesses grow through consistently generating enquiries online and prove it by tracking phone calls and forms filled in.

More about Tiny Digital:

As an internet marketing service provider based in the North East, we serve clients from Canada to Newcastle. We generate enquiries through a careful blend of SEO and, sometimes, PPC. Our agency was created by marketing consultant and SEO expert Benjamin J Church. Our slimline, virtual approach means agency-level service at a cost that provides exceptional value.

What can Tiny Digital offer you?

As a digital marketing agency we offer our online marketing expertise to established businesses who are in a position to benefit from more clients. As digital marketing consultants we help guide people who want to take the hands on approach to growing their business. We believe an SEO consultant is the most cost-effective way to grow your business if you are willing and ready to take action.

Who preceded you?

If you need a modern advertising agency we offer the most cost-effective digital advertising service there is: SEO. Tiny Digital was created by SEO specialist Benjamin J Church to focus on doing one thing extremely well so our clients get the best service. As an SEO company we actively keep up to date through being active in the SEO community, staying abreast with what search engines such as Google are doing, investing in the top training in the business and regularly putting that training into practice for clients and for ourselves. That's why we're the most modern SEO agency Newcastle (if not the UK) has to offer. We also offer SEO web design and optimisation through our experience as a WordPress website designer creating local business, membership and ecommerce websites. We are proud of our SEO services and only take on a few select clients to ensure we deliver the best we can and to only collaborate with people who will benefit from our work. We prefer to think of ourselves as marketing partners than a digital marketing agency. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtK57NQVEs94AqE1jDx9XGQ https://www.facebook.com/tinydigitalseo/ https://twitter.com/TinyDigitalSEO https://www.diigo.com/user/tinydigital