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About Crfpublishers

Why is Crfpublishers the best choice for you?

We are a small company but ambitions to grow bigger. We have extended our range over the last year, offering discussion papers of 700 to 800 words to anyone who can use them free to those who request them via our website.

More about Crfpublishers:

We employ no one though we need an artist for some comic style books. It is just my granddaughter and myself. I do most of the writing and the publicising. Charlie does the tech stuff and some writing and shares the recording to be found on We believe the ideas propounded my Milton in Areopagita. We clearly want to sell books on Amason but we also believe that our books can challenge and encourage thinking.

What can Crfpublishers offer you?

A very wide range from criticisms of Plato, Nietzsche and Socrates to poems, short stories and biography. Last of all short stories about a piratical tom cat which use to chase dogs and sleep on my bed.

Who preceded you?

Friends and other contacts. They will have a lot more to think about, having read any book of ours. To identify with the people in our Historical Fiction short stories